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what’s up guys my name is Ryan and I spent the last several years exploring the British Isles and I want to share with you my favorite places so here’s my British Isles top 25. [Music] the British Isles are made up of the countries of Ireland Northern Ireland England Wales and Scotland if you want to go back in time and feel like you’re in fairy tale the British Isles are the place for you it’s easy to see why so many myths and legends were born here it’s one of the world’s most enchanting lands let’s start this video off at The Skellig Islands located off the coast of southern Ireland the skelex are a set of two islands that are easily one of the most epic locations on the British house the only way to reach the islands is by boat we left from the town of Port McGee and it took us about an hour to reach the great Skellig we got off the boat and I was just so freaking stoked we just started walking up the Island’s path until we reached the stairs that lead up to the top to the monasteries now the stairs were just beyond cool there were hundreds if not thousands of puffins Bird right next to the stairs and on the island slopes I mean they were just so freaking cute we reached the Midway point at Christ saddle and then kept hiking to the top after climbing the Island’s 618 stairs we finally made to the monastery now the history of the island is just absolutely fascinating the monastic settlement dates back to the 6th Century where the monks of Saint Fiona live simple lives on this isolated island they built these beehive huts completely out of stone they were precisely designed to make sure no water could get into them now it’s believed there are about 12 monks that lived here at a time in the 13th century the monks left the island for Mainland Ireland and since then skelik has become a place for pilgrimage all in all the skeleton Islands were one of the coolest places I’ve ever been and I couldn’t recommend them enough afterwards we’re going to visit the most famous place in all Ireland The Cliffs are more now located on Islands West Coast about a three hour drive from Dublin The Cliffs stretch over 14 kilometers with the highest reaching 214 meters above the sea when we reach them I was just amazed by the size of the cliffs I mean they were way bigger than I imagined and they just drop off straight into the ocean if you want on a walk to the end of the cliffs you can make the Trek to hacks head if you can I definitely recommend waiting for Sunset as the light hits the cliffs giving it a strikingly orange glow I mean it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular places in all Ireland after we’re gonna head over to Ireland’s Charming capital of Dublin located on Easter Island’s Coast Dublin is a City full of charm the capital is full of beautiful gardens and architecture as such a friendly vibe to it while you’re there you can walk across the river Liffey on the uniquely designed Samuel Beckett bridge where you can walk over to the coast to experience the I receive I just love the fill and Ambience of Dublin it’s such a magical Capital now from Dublin we’re going to drive a few hours up to Northern Ireland now Northern Ireland is interesting because it’s part of the UK back in 1921 Ireland was split into the North and southern island one of my favorite places in Northern Ireland is Giants Causeway Giants Causeway is one of the most recognizable places in all of Ireland its famous for its giant Cliffs and over 40 000 Basalt columns they are these perfect hexagons that cover the coast according to Legend the causeway was built by an Irish giant so he could cross the Northern sea when I was there we started by hiking above the cliffs and then made our way down to the causeway I was just amazed by the bizarre rock formations I had such a fun time walking on them it’s wild to think they were made by Nature now while we’re still in Northern Ireland we’re gonna head over to karika Reed this is Scenic bridge that crosses the sea over to this little island I was just amazed by the watercolor there I mean just so blue contrasted perfectly with the queen Cliffs now just 20 minutes from there you can visit the dark Hedges it’s this Avenue lined with over 90 Beech trees they were planted almost 250 years ago now according to Legend there’s a ghost called the gray lady who wanders the road definitely has a spooky Vibe especially at night after Northern Ireland we’re going to head over to England to visit Cornwall now located on eaglin’s Southwestern tip Cornwall is home to some of the best Coastline in ALA England while the northern coast is full of impressive Sea Cliffs such as God revey point the southern coast is named the Cornish Riviera as it’s full of Scenic Harbor towns and Villages one of my favorites is Lou it’s this picturesque Town that’s divided by the Lou River which empties into the sea there’s incredible Beach full of classic English houses it very well could be a fairy tale one of the most impressive locations in Cornwall is St Michael’s mall it’s a tidal island with an impressive Castle on top it’s believed to be the home of a monastery from the 8th to 11th centuries and the castle on the island Summit dates back to the 12th centuries and has been renovated throughout the ages When the tide goes out you can walk across the stone Causeway to get there I think it’s one of the coolest places in England it reminds me a lot of France’s multi Michelle which is also a tidal island with similar features well we’re still in South Southwestern England we’re going to head over to the Isles of skilly located about 28 miles off Cornwall the Isles of skilly are an archipelago made up of five inhabited islands with a population around 2 000 people the islands are full of crystal clear waters historical sites and Rolling Green Hills to reach the island so you can take a three-hour ferry from Penzance or you can take a short plane ride the islands truly are stunning I’d love to get a boat and just sell around the islands in the summertime afterwards we’re gonna head back to the mainland of England to visit possibly the most iconic city in the world London now I’ve traveled to London several times and I have to say it’s one of my favorite cities everything from double decker buses to the energy of Piccadilly Circus make this city feel so alive you can check out the iconic big bend and walk across the bridge to see the Palace of Westminster there’s the tower bridge which is possibly the most famous bridge in all of London you can also see the stone guards at Buckingham Palace or take a ride on the London Eye if you have already been to London I highly recommend visiting one you can it’s hard to beat the London atmosphere there’s just no City like it in the world after we’re gonna head back to the coast to visit the White Cliffs of Dover located about two hours drive from London the White Cliffs of Dover are not only a beautiful sea location but also an intriguing historical site especially regarding World War II history since the cliffs are Britain’s closest point to Continental Europe being only 20 miles from France during World War II Crossing from Dover was the primary route to Europe by boat or plane so the White Cliffs were the first and last site of Britain for the troops after the evacuation of Dunkirk the site that Cliffs of Dover was assigned relief as the thousands of Allied troops made it safely back to Britain I mean the history of these Cliffs is absolutely fascinating now while we’re still on the topic of cliffs we’re going to visit the Seven Sisters now located about two hours from Dover the Seven Sisters are home to some of the most beautiful cliffs in all of England I love how there’s just this perfectly green grass then a straight drop off of the white list to the beach below the Seven Sisters has been used in film and television as a stand-in for the white Lucid Dover they look just like them and I think honestly they’re more Scenic and less people and infrastructure there regardless the sentences are an incredible Coastline and a perfect place to stroll along the English Coast now afterwards we’re going to visit the city of Brighton now located about 40 minutes from the Seven Sisters Brighton is a beautiful Resort town with a massive Beach that lines the English Channel one of the most interesting features is the retina I 360.

It’s a tower that rises up and offers an incredible view of Brighton another feature I really like about Brighton is its peers there’s the remains of the West Pier that was built in 1866 but was sadly burnt down in 2003 and then there’s the Brighton Palace Pier which was established in 1899 and has an amusement park at the end now afterwards we’re going to head over to the Jurassic Coast while you won’t find any dinosaurs here you might find some fossils on the beach one of the most famous spots on the Jurassic Coast is durdle door it’s this Limestone Arch that goes straight into the ocean there’s a great Beach there and I can’t think of a better place to spend on a warm summer day one of my favorite spots on the Jurassic Coast is Old Harry’s rocks I remember the first time I saw a picture of this place and I was just baffled by the scenery the Old Harry’s rocks are these sea stacks that are made completely out of chalk that Mark the end of the Jurassic ghost in World War II the stacks were used for target practice by pilots pretty wild now afterwards we’re going to visit the Isle of Wight located across the sea from Old Harry’s rocks the ilry is the largest island in all England you can reach the Isle of Wight by taking a ferry from Southampton or also by taking a hovercraft from port’s mouth now one of my favorite features of the Isle white is the needles Lighthouse it’s this 19th century Lighthouse that is built upon these chalk rocks that jet out of the sea it’s such a unique location and I just love the White Sea Cliffs afterwards we’re going to visit the Lake District located in North Western England the Lake District is known for its glacial ribbon lakes and its fell mountains it’s home to Scottville Pike which is the highest place in all England with an elevation of 3209 feet the area is just absolutely beautiful I think one of the best things you can do in the Lake District is just drive on the roads that wind through the mountains one notable road is the honestar pass if you keep driving down the pass you’ll reach buttermil Lake it’s surrounded by massive mountains it’s just incredible overall scenery and I couldn’t recommend the lick this or enough easily one of the most beautiful places in all England after the Lake District we’re going to head over to the country of Wells located in the southwest part of Great Britain Wiles is famous for its mountainous national parks picturesque Coastline and distinct Welsh language one of the most scenic places in Wells is the snowdonia National Park it’s a region in Northwest Wells that is known for its mountains and lakes the highest peak in Wells is Mount Snowden which is located in the park with an elevation of 1085 meters you can hike to the top or also take this Snowden Mountain Railway one of my favorite lakes in snowdonia is Lynn padarn it’s located on the base of Mount Snowden at just such a Serene area now if you want to explore some of Wells Coastline the Lynn Peninsula offers some Scenic locations I really like the area around the ear I veiled Mountain it’s a beautiful Coast coupled with green farmland and has a backdrop of impressive Peaks afterwards we’re gonna head up to Scotland to visit Edinburgh if you want to go back in time Edinburgh is a must when I started traveling this was one of the first cities I ever visited it’s a medieval old town with intricate neoclassical buildings and cobblestone streets the iconic Edinburgh Castle overlooks the city it’s one of the oldest four to five places in all of Europe now while we’re still in Edinburgh we’re going to head over to Arthur’s seat Arthur C is located in Hollywood Park and it’s a short walk from Edinburgh Center Arthur C is an extinct volcano with an elevation of 823 feet when I was there I wanted to get as high as it could so I could see all Edinburgh I made the hike up and reached the top it was so windy up there I just couldn’t believe it after I hiked to the top I just had a good time hiking around Hollywood Park and enjoying the views of one of the British Isles most iconic cities another selling nearby place in Scotland is denotar Castle it’s located about two hours drive from Edinburgh this medieval Fortress is full of History it’s where the Scottish crown jewels were hidden during the 17th century to date on the ruins tell the Castle’s past the cliffs that surround the Fortress make it so dramatic now just an hours North from the north dirt Castle is the rat tray Head Lighthouse it’s an amazing Beach area with 112 feet tall white house just off the coast and was built in 1895.

If you keep driving up the coast you’ll reach the duncansi stacks is located at the most northeastern part of the British Mainland it’s about a six hours drive from Edinburgh so quite the road trip but it’s definitely worth it it’s home to some of the most beautiful sea stacks in all the British Isles after the sea stacks we’re going to head over to Glencoe located in the Scottish Highlands Glencoe is home to some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery and mountains I found this place by accident as I was driving around the highlands it’s been the filming location for many popular movies such as Braveheart my favorite part of Glencoe is its mountains I mean I couldn’t believe how huge they were I felt like I was in Switzerland or Norway I recommend just taking a drive on the a82 road and you can just see all the Wonders Glencoe has to offer it has one of my favorite mountains in the area I won’t even try to pronounce that it has an almost perfect pyramid shape and you get a great view of it from the road now after we’re gonna head over to one of Scotland’s most iconic locations the glenfinan viaduct located at the top a lock shield in the west Highlands of Scotland this may look familiar because it was featured in the Harry Potter movies while I was there I wanted to get a close look at the bridge so I walked underneath it I was just shook how big it actually was after I hiked up to a good vantage point so I could see the famous train go across the Via duct it was such a magical experience for Final Destination we’re going to visit the Isle of Skye this is one of my favorite places not just in Scotland but the road you literally feel like you’re in fairy tale when you visit I was lucky enough to go here a few summers ago and it was one of the most memorable weeks of my life now to get there it’s about a five hours drive from Edinburgh one of the most impressive places on the island sky is the old man of store it’s one of my all-time favorite rock formations I felt like I was on this set of Game of Thrones when you drive to the store you can see in the distance and just get you so pumped now to get to the old man store it’s about a four kilometer hike you walk through some conservation Gates and you’ll reach the infamous Rock Miracles I went for sunrise and sunset and both occasions were breathtaking so the legend of the old Mana store is supposedly a giant lived here a long time ago and the one he was buried his thumb was left sticking out of the ground creating the mystical rock formation just a few minutes away from the old Mana store there’s a ref taking waterfall called Mia Falls that Cascades down to Ocean there’s a nice view point where you can look at the waterfall one of the most famous eclipse is Kilt Rock which are right next to Mia Falls if you do want to go on a beautiful hike I recommend visiting the karang as one of the most beautiful areas in the eyeless guy you feel like you’re walking on a giant golf course I found this insane advantage point to get a good panoramic view of the area I just love this place so much well that is it for my British owls top 25 let me know where your favorite places in the comments below I also have a second Channel where I make hour-long relaxation films to bring some peace and nature in your life I’ve done several videos on the British house that I think you enjoy you can find me on Instagram and Tick Tock at shirley.films it’s Ryan and we will see you later [Music]

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