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what’s up guys my name is ryan and i want to share with you my favorite places on the magical island of sardinia so here is my sardinia top 10. [Music] [Applause] with some of europe’s best coastline pristine beaches and the clearest water you’ve ever seen sardinia is the place to be i spent some time exploring sardinia last summer and it was a special time it’s the second largest island in the mediterranean and there’s so many places to see let’s start this video off at one of the most impressive places on sardinia the baonai coast it’s 40 kilometers of coastline that’s made up of massive limestone cliffs and secluded beaches the bauen coast isn’t the easiest place to reach most places require a hike or a boat ride now when we were there we rented a boat in kala ganone and jetted off to explore the coast now the main reason i wanted to go to sardinia was to visit kala kolaritse no i think this is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in all of italy and the mediterranean it has this massive pointy rock formation coupled with green cliffs and gatorade blue water now it was about a 45-minute boat ride to get there we anchored the boat and immediately went for a swim the visibility was absolutely incredible some of the clearest water i’ve ever swam in now another reason i want to go to colorado rite is because there’s a sea arch where you can cliff jump i sent a few jumps off it was just so much fun i mean there’s no better feeling than sending a gander into the ocean now if you’re not into cliff jumping you can also swim under the arch the water goes down about 10 meters and i had such a good time exploring its underwater features i mean i just love snorkeling in some crucial clear water anyways i just couldn’t recommend this place enough i spent several hours here and it was just such an amazing time truly is a magical place and the main reason i wanted to come to sardinia now if you take a boat to colorado you can visit some more spots on your way back to kaligonore now a popular beach nearby is kala marialu unfortunately you can’t hike here because it’s surrounded by daunting cliffs where it’s awesome place to anchor your boat and explore the beach and see now if you keep boating up the coast you’ll reach kalaluna now this is possibly one of the most famous beaches in all of sardinia i’d say one reason it’s so well known is for its sea caves they create such an iconic view especially during sunrise and when i was there it was late in the day and at the end of august so it was pretty packed i think the best time to come here would be early in the morning for sunrise there would be less people and just absolutely incredible lighting now regardless it’s such a special spot then definitely worth a visit now one cool beach on the bounty coast that you can drive to is kala fuli now it’s located just north of kalaluna and only a few minutes drive from kala kanone now like kalaluna there’s so many cool sea caves and grotto’s to explore here definitely worth visit now while we’re still on the baltic coast we’re going to visit pedra longa now special thanks to my friend salvo tours for sharing his fev footage of pedro longa and many other places here in the video he has some of the best epi feed films of sardinia on his youtube channel and i’ll link it in the description below now pedro longa is this granite monolith with a height of 128 meters and surrounded by phenomenal mountains now to get there you can drive down and there’s a parking lot at the bottom now the rock is a popular spot for rock climbers and the area is full of some great hiking trails and places where you can find some secluded beaches to go for a swim now from pedro longa you can just get insane views of the cliffs of baonai contrasted with the blue mediterranean sea i mean it’s just hard to beat the scenery of this place such a phenomenal spot now afterwards we’re going to head to the western side of the island to visit porto flavia now it’s located about an hour’s drive from cagliari now puerto flavia is this incredibly beautiful harbor with a unique mind that has a tunnel coming out of the cliff to transport minerals onto boats i mean i’ve seen pictures of this place online and it just has always fascinated me it was completed in 1924 it was quite the engineering feat especially back then i mean just such a unique location it doesn’t even look real also in portland flavia there’s a really cool rock formation in the sea called lake panda zucchro definitely worth a visit now if you keep heading north up the coast you’ll reach the sand dunes of pacinas the loki on sardinia’s costa verde viaggia de pacines is home to sahara-like sand dunes that rise up the mountainside it’s considered to be one of the largest natural beaches in europe and definitely a cool spot to visit and you can even go camping there now afterwards we’re going to keep on driving up the coast to visit the town of bosa now located about two hours drive from obia bosa is a historic city founded during phoenician times it prospered during the roman empire and during the middle ages and was invaded by arab pirates as a result a hilltop castle was built to fortify the town in the 12th century now today bosa is home to about 8 000 residents and it’s full of colorful buildings one thing i love is how the river temmo runs through the town as it exits into the sea now another cool coastal town in the area is algero now it’s located about an hour’s drive from bosa it’s sardinia’s fifth biggest town and it also has a medieval old town encircled by ancient walls algeria began to grow in the 11th century as it became a fortified port thanks to the genoese now one amazing spot just 30 minutes outside of algeria is capocacia it’s a rocky peninsula with some insanely massive cliffs that rise over 300 meters from the sea and it’s just such a beautiful area and a spectacular place to watch the sunset afterwards we’re going to head up to spiaggia la pelosa now located on the very northwestern point of the island about a two hours drive from olbia biaggia pelosa is such a cool spot it’s this long white sand beach with crystal clear waters and what i like about this is there’s this little island with a 16th century tower that was used for sardinia’s marine defense back in the day now another cool spot on sardinia’s northern coast is calaspinosa it’s located about hours drive from obia and you’ll be able to see corsica from there the beach is just really beautiful with its boulders contrasted with crystal blue waters when i was there there was like hardly any parking so i didn’t bother going down the cove i definitely regret not checking out and going swimming so if you’re there don’t make my mistake now afterwards we’re gonna head over to the modelina archipelago now located on the northeast coast of sardinia the modelina archipelago is a group of islands full of beautiful coves and crystal clear waters now the archipelago is made up of seven main islands and then 55 tiny little islands now to get to the archipelago you can take a 20-minute ferry from palau or if you have your own boat you can explore them with ease one cool place on the islands is piaggia rosa which is this beautiful white sand beach with a pink hue i just love to have a sailboat and spend a week or two exploring the archipelago now afterwards we’re going to head over to obia to visit the beach called spietje del baraconi now i was looking for a place near the city and just randomly stumbled upon this place and i was pleasantly surprised it’s located just 30 minutes outside of obia and it’s this perfect place to go for sunrise or sunset the water was just primed for swimming and snorkeling we had such a good time just swimming around in the crystal clear water i found some sea grass and some starfish and had a good time trying to make some bubble rings supposedly dolphins come here most days so you might get lucky and see some now one really cool feature i like about this spot is the view of the figaro island i mean it’s just such a scenic backdrop and really is a great spot now for our final destination we’re going to visit tavolar island it’s just about a 30 minute drive from obia and we stayed in this area during our time in sardinia now the island is absolutely massive it’s a perfect place to boat around and snorkel now to get to tavalara you can rent a boat where you can also take a 20-minute ferry from puerto san paulo and it costs about 18 euros round trip when you get there there’s a restaurant and plenty of beach to relax on if you want to go on adventure you can do a via ferrata up to punta canone there’s a cross on top and you’ll get some insane views of the island now if you don’t take a ferry or a boat over tavalara there’s plenty of beaches on sardinia’s mainland such as porto taverna that offers some great views of the island well that is it for my sardinia top ten i wish i would have spent more time on the island and there’s just so many more places to explore let me know where your fruit place is in sardinia in the comments below i also have a relaxation channel where i make hour-long films i did a video on sardinia with fpv footage with my buddy salvatores that i think you’ll enjoy you can find me on instagram shirley.films it’s ryan and we will see you later [Music]

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