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what’s up guys my name is ryan and i want to show you my favorite places in the magical country of romania so here is my romania top 10. romania is definitely one of europe’s most underrated countries it’s a land full of alluring castles and beautiful medieval cities from the windy roads of the transfer garden highway to the wonders of the bran castle romania has so much waiting to be explored let’s start this video off in the medieval city of sigishwara now loki in central romania tsikishwara is a beautiful town with a unique history back in the 12th century the king of hungary invited german craftsmen and merchants to settle in romania and they were known as the transylvanian saxons now the group settled in 1191 in present-day tsugishwara and the city rose up to become an important strategic and commercial destination for central europe today it’s one of romania’s best preserved medieval walled cities i just love how the fortified part is built upon a hill and it can be seen from all over really is a magical destination that deserves a visit now just 30 minutes from sigishwara is the little pierton fortified church now located in the small village of burton the impressive church was completed in 1524 and was originally roman catholic and then changed the lutheran after reformation now what is unique about this church is that it’s heavily fortified with three layers of protective walls ottoman armies were a threat in the area and so the people of the village decided to fortify the church i mean such a unique and beautiful place if you ask me now afterwards we’re going to visit the city of cebu now look at just an hour and a half from sigishwara zebu is another alluring city in transylvania it’s nicknamed the city of eyes thanks to its roof windows that make the houses feel alive now just like city shore the city was founded by german settlers during the 12th century and grew to become an important training center during medieval times in 2007 cbu was named the european capital culture and i think it definitely deserved that award with all historical sites now afterwards we’re going to take a drive on the famous transfiguration highway now this is definitely the most well-known road in romania and was claimed to be the best road in the world by the tv show top gear the road was built by romanian military in the 1970s as response to the 1968 invasion of czechoslovakia by the soviet union now the military wanted to make sure they had quick access across the mountains in case of invasion today the road is an incredible scenic drive as it passes through the transylvanian elves the road is usually open from july to october and climbs to an altitude of 2042 meters at the top of the pass is the ballet lake which can also be accessed by a cable car in the winter time now while you’re there you can make a pit stop and do some hiking in the transfer garage mountains in such an incredible area and drive now afterwards we’re going to visit the city of alba julia now look at just an hour’s drive from cbu ava ulia is a historic city full of charm now my favorite feature of the city is the alba carolina citadel this massive fortress was finished in 1738 and has a unique star shape it was built to ensure the defenses of the newly conquered provinces of the habsburg empire it became one of the main fortifications of the roman empire in romania now today you can wander the perfectly preserved citadel there are beautiful cathedrals and churches to admire and it really is an incredible area and piece of history afterwards we’re going to head over to the city of brasov now located near the carpathian mountains in transylvania brassov is a charming city known for its medieval saxon walls and towering gothic black church the city began like many others thanks to the transylvanian saxons the teutonic knights also helped bilbrasov in the 13th century sadly in the 17th century a fire destroyed almost all resolved walled city but thankfully it was rebuilt and today it’s one of the most popular cities in transylvania and thanks to its location it’s a great hub to explore other places around romania now one of my favorite nearby places is the rung castle it’s located just 30 minutes outside of herself and it’s famously known as dracula’s castle now while there is no evidence that the arthur dracula knew anything about this castle it definitely has a spooky vibe to it people also associate the castle with vlad then paler who also didn’t really have much to do with the castle but it’s fun to speculate the spooky origins of this fortress now the brand castle was built in the 14th century and is placed right the start of a mountain pass and it was used to defend against the ottoman empire and also became a customs post today it’s one of romania’s most visited castles i’d love to visit during halloween time now another impressive castle in romania is the corving castle now it’s located in western romania in the town of honedora now corvin castle is one of the largest castles in all of europe i mean just absolutely massive it was constructed during the 15th century and was added onto throughout the ages like brown castle it has a creepy vibe to it it was used as a residence also served as a prison in few areas i mean i can’t imagine what it must have been like to see this castle during medieval times and which is so enormous needless to say romania is home to some incredible castles afterwards we’re going to visit the carpathian mountains now i have to say this is one of my favorite parts of romania now located in north and central romania the carpathians are a massive mountain range that also passed through slovakia poland hungary and ukraine now the mountains are home to wildlife such as brown bears wolves and links now while the carpathians are as jagged as other european mountains such as the alps the carpathians have their own beauty with giant mountains covered in dense forests during the winter time the carpathians are a perfect place to go skiing i also think one of the best times to visit the mountains is during the fall when they are covered in beautiful autumn colors i mean if i could live anywhere romania i’d probably shock up in a cabin somewhere in these incredible mountains one cool set of mountains in the carpathians is the choucas mountains the highest point is 1954 meters and they have this really unique look to them with its rounded boulders the mountains are located on the border between brazov and prahova counties and offers some spectacular hiking trails now while we’re still in the topics and mountains another cool destination is the lonely rock or piatra cingo raftica now it’s located in the northern part of the country and it has this unique rock formation that sticks out like a sore thumb it definitely reminds me of the dolomites there’s also a cabin there you could eat or spend the night at i mean it’s just such a beautiful area worth a visit now after the mountains we’re gonna head over to the black sea when you think of romania you probably don’t imagine sandy beaches in beautiful water but romania surprisingly has over 275 kilometers of black sea coastline the biggest city on the coast is constanta it’s located just two and a half hours drive from bucharest there’s also other resort towns across romania’s coastline one that i really like is mamaya it’s built on a narrow stretch of land right on the black sea and it’s a great place to enjoy the romania riviera now for our final destination we’re going to visit bucharest now located in the south of romania bucharest is the country’s capital with a population of 1.8 million it’s referred to as the paris of the east thanks to its elegant architecture now one of the most impressive buildings in the city is the palace of parliament it’s the heaviest building in the world weighing over 4 million tons i mean that’s kind of crazy to think about now i just love how the long street leads up to the palace now similar to paris bucharest has arch a triumph dedicated to the heroes of world war one and romania’s war independence bucharest definitely is a european capital worth visiting well that is it for my romania top 10 let me know where your favorite place is in romania in the comments below i also started a relaxation channel where i make hour-long relaxation films to bring some peace and nature in your life i plan on doing a film on romania very soon you can find me on instagram and tick tock at shirley.films it’s ryan and we will see you later [Music] you

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