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what’s up guys my name is ryan shirley and i just returned from a road trip across bavaria and i want to show you some of my favorite places so here is my bavaria top 10. [Music] bavaria is home to some of europe’s most magical landscapes from endless castles to medieval fairy tale towns bavaria is a destination that needs to be explored let’s start this video off in the town of berchtesgaden now i have to say this is one of the most beautiful towns in all of germany it’s just a two-hour drive from munich and it’s nestled in the bavarian alps one of my favorite features of purchase garden is the wattsman mountain it’s a uniquely shaped peak that towers over the town it almost looks like someone took a bite out of it one thing i love about berchtesgaden is there’s so many beautiful churches to explore one of my favorites is the church in ramzao it’s right next to this beautiful stream and there’s this picture-perfect bridge to observe the church from another one of my favorites is the maria jordan church which offers a perfect view of the watson mountain one of the main reasons i wanted to go to birches garden was to visit hitler’s eagle’s nest now i’m really fascinated with world war ii history and i had to see this place for myself now the eagles nest was built in 1939 and was given to hitler for his 50th birthday now to get to the eagles nest you can take a bus up when you get to the top you’ll walk through a deep tunnel into the mountain when i was in there it was just crazy to think that hitler walked these same walls now at the end of the tunnel there’s a circular room that leads you into a golden elevator even though the eagle’s nest and the road leading up to it cost nearly 200 million euros to make adjusted for inflation hitler only visited on 14 documented occasions this may be because hitler was afraid of heights and he was also scared of using the elevator thankfully the eagle’s nest wasn’t destroyed in world war ii and today it’s a restaurant with panoramic views and while you’re there you can hike up some walking paths into the birch scottish national park enjoying the incredible sights of this historical destination afterwards we’re going to head back to berchtesgaden to visit the lake konanzi now the lake was created by glaciers which makes it feel like you’re in a fjord you’d see in norway or new zealand when i was there we took a boat ride to the end of the lake it cost around 15 euros and took about 50 minutes to cross the lake now the first stop was to the famous saint bartholomew’s church we kept going and we reached the end of the lake we then hiked about 10 minutes to reach overseas i mean just home to this iconic lake hut and the scenery there is just astounding i mean the lakes so clear it’s just surrounded by massive mountain walls that are hard to explain i mean i just had a great time enjoying the scenery around the lake definitely got to explore koenigsegg and oversee while you’re in bridges garden now afterwards we’re going to visit the magical village of rottenburg now when you go to rottenburg you’ll feel like you’re walking in a fantasy movie it’s one of the most preserved medieval old towns in all europe during the middle ages rottenburg thrived as it was located at the crossroads of european trade routes at the beginning of the 15th century it rose to becoming the second largest city in all of germany but during the 17th century rottenburg faced adversities such as the 30-year war and the bubonic plague without much resources rottenberg’s growth was halted which aided in keeping the town preserved in its medieval state today rottenburg maintains its medieval charm and it’s been the inspiration for sets of disney movies such as pinocchio if you go you can check out the famous floating corner or witness the beautiful christmas markets i mean just hard to beat the lord of this german village from rottenburg you can make the three hour drive to the beautiful city of munich also known as bavaria’s capital munich is located in the south of germany about 50 kilometers from the alps during world war ii munich was heavily bombed by over 70 air raids but to date the city is restored to its former beauty one of the most popular spots is the marion platz central square you’ll find the new town hall with its stunning clock tower and historical figurines after munich we’re going to head to the top of jeremy to visit the zagspitza mountain now with a height of 2962 meters easily one of the most impressive mountains in all of germany the spitzer is located south of garmisch particular and the easiest way to reach the top of the mountain is by a cable car it costs around 60 euros and it’s one of the biggest gondolas i’ve ever been in it holds several world records including the longest free span in a cable car with a distance of more than 3 000 meters honestly an engineering phenomenon and a little scary going up the cable car is quite the experience and once you reach the top you can explore the mountain station i mean it really blew me away up there it totally reminded me of an evil villains layer there’s a great restaurant and platforms to observe the scenery below one thing that i thought was interesting is you can walk through this tunnel and it’ll take you to the austrian side of such pizza now from the platform on the german side you can see the summit cross me and my brother decided we wanted to climb to the top the snow made it a little sketchy but we held on tight to the iron wire and climbed the ladder and made it to the cross i mean the views were unrolled there i mean if you go in the summertime i’m sure it’s not as sketchy to some of this now after zuk’s pizza you can take the cable car down to visit the lake ibc now it’s known as the maldives of the alps with its clear water and tree dotted islands i mean the color of the water there is astounding now if you have time i definitely recommend walking along the lake it’s full of beautiful groves of trees and a perfect place to relax on the shoreline and enjoy some bavarian nature now afterwards we’re gonna head over to vacant bruce this is one of the most scenic places in all of bavaria i mean i was just baffled by this place it’s this beautiful little lake nestled in the mountains and it’s full of farm sheds that dot the hillside now the lake is overlooked by the perfectly placed carvindell alps i mean it reminded me a lot about the susie in the dolomites i had such a fun time exploring here i just walked down a little dirt road to get there and it was a spectacular place to enjoy the bavarian sunset i mean it was definitely one of the highlights of my trip i’m jealous of all the farmers who have sheds there after we’re going to head to the beautiful town of fussen now located right at the foot of the bavarian alps fossen is a 700 year old medieval city full of old rural charm its streets are lined with cobblestones and you feel like you’re walking back in time as you explore it i just love all the classical german houses and i think it’s so cool how the milky blue river lake runs right next to the town the crowning feature of fussing is the high castle we just add so much character to the town if you really want to go back in time i mean you just got to give fussing a visit now for our final destination we’re going to visit the iconic musch fanstein castle i have to say that it is the most beautiful castle in all europe it’s what inspired disney’s sleeping beauty castle i mean it’s just the perfect place for a princess now the castle is nestled at the very tip of southern germany my strong sand castle is placed perfectly in the mountains with a phenomenal 360 view of the bavarian alps in the town below the construction of the castle began in 1869 during world war ii the ss debated blowing up the castle to prevent it from falling into the enemy’s hands but thankfully it never happened today the castle receives over 1.4 million visitors a year so it’s definitely a tourist hot spot when i was there we walked around the castle when you’re up close you realize how huge it really is king ludwig had some imagination anyways i found a great vantage point in the trees with the perfect view of the castle i just can’t get over the beauty of this place and it’s truly something out of a disney fairy tale afterwards you can walk around alfie it’s another picturesque alpine lake with views of the hohenschwangau castle now another incredible spot nearby is saint coleman’s church it’s located just a few minutes away and has a splendid view of the castle and the bavarian alps one of my favorite memories of my time in bavaria was just enjoying the sunset at the church just marveling at the green pastures and overall scenery bavaria truly is a magical place well that is it for my bavaria top ten let me know where your favorite place is in bavaria in the comments below i also started relaxation channel where i post hour-long films with comedy music to bring some peace and nature in your life i did a film on germany that i think you’ll enjoy you can find me on tiktok and instagram it’s ryan and we will see you later [Music]

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