These Are the MOST ANTICIPATED Cars of 2023-2024 | The Hottest New Cars of This Year


SPEAKER 1: Listen. There are so many new cars, trucks, and SUVs hitting the market right now. I don’t blame you for thinking most of them just blend together into a big old blob. I don’t know about you, but I’m not really too psyched about putting a big chunk of my next paycheck towards a 2024 boring widget 5,000. My next ride, it’s got to have a little spark, a little zhuzh, a little something, something.

You know what I mean? The same goes for the rest of my team here at Edmunds. So without further ado, here are 10 new models headed to showrooms in the next year or so that we’re the most pumped about. Before I get into that, don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel so you can see more videos. And if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, head over to edmunds.

com for all your car shopping needs. Get a load of this. Fancy. OK? This imposing and luxurious thing is the Cadillac Celestiq.

Caddy sees the move to electric as a chance to reclaim its position among the finest luxury car companies in the world.

Yes, it hasn’t been that for a long, long time. But the Celestiq is a hand-built 300 plus thousand dollar statement of intent. And yes, I said 300,000 plus. Every Celestiq will be commissioned, build to order with the help of a dedicated concierge.

No two will be alike. This is Caddy’s Rolls-Royce fighter. It’s going to come standard with a two-motor electric drive train, good for around 600 horsepower, enough to push this huge sled to 60 in under four seconds. Estimated driving range is 300 miles before you send Jeeves to charge it. Of course, this Caddy should ride and handle well with its air suspension and four-wheel steering.

But it’s really all about that cabin. I’m talking about a full-width 55-inch screen. 55. Adding to that, a 38-speaker 3D audio system, hands-free assisted driving tech. You name it, Cadillac’s coming in with that heat.

This list could not be complete without a Corvette. Right? You might expect me to go with the new Z06, which is pretty sweet. But the Z06 won’t be the only development for the Z8 this year.

GM is teasing the E-Ray, which takes the Corvette electric, and makes it all-wheel drive, both for the first time.

The E-Ray is expected to have more power than today’s Stingray Z51. But it’s unclear if it’ll have a plug or if it’ll just be a regular hybrid. Either way, GM’s performance flagship is clearly entering a new age, and I’m here for it. Dodge knows it has to figure out how to bring its prash brand of performance into the EV age. And it’s telegraphing where it’s going with this fierce-looking Charger Daytona SRT concept.

Now this sweet thing is just a concept, but it already looks ready for production.

And hey, Dodge isn’t doing anything to dissuade us from thinking something similar will end up in showrooms soon. So why not? In fact, the company is already talking about various power levels all the way up to a 670-horsepower E stage two. We should see the production version in 2024.

But if you’re too impatient to wait that long, for its final model year, the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is getting its manual transmission option back. That’s 717 horsepower and a DIY gearbox? ‘Merica. And speaking of stars and stripes, what’s more patriotic than a new Ford Mustang? Let’s check in with our main man Brian to learn more about Ford’s seventh-gen pony car.

BRIAN: Electric cars are the future. But I’m here with the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang. And it’s not electric. It’s actually very gassy. Battery power is the Mustang’s future.

I know it. You know it.

Ford knows it. But it appears that Ford isn’t ready to say goodbye to internal combustion in its most iconic car quite yet. So the seventh-generation Mustang actually has very similar engines and a very similar chassis to the sixth-generation Mustang.

So is it really fair to call this an all new Mustang, or an old Mustang with a body kit? Ford invited us to Michigan so we could find out for ourselves. SPEAKER 1: But the Mustang isn’t the only new blue oval model we’re excited about.

For 2024, Ford is preparing a next-gen Ranger. And to quote my girl Lizzo, it’s about damn time.

The outgoing Ranger only went on sale here in 2019. But it was already old when it got here. A version of this new rig is already on sale overseas. But the mid-sizer is being tuned for American tastes and wallets. We also expect Ford’s Toyota Tacoma rival to gain a completely new interior with an available 12-inch touch screen.

We’re also expecting turbo four power to continue. But we’re also expecting a 3-liter ecoboosted Ranger Raptor, a high performance off roader set to come to America for the first time. This truck could make around 400 horsepower. One just finished the Baja 1000 and then drove home. That’s pretty impressive.

My car barely made it out of that rutted field after Coachella. New car needed. A new Civic Type R hot hatch is always a big deal. And this new version for 2023 is the most powerful Honda that’s ever been sold in the States. It keeps the bones of the previous car, but adds a nicer interior and a million little improvements underneath the skin that should make it even better to drive than the last one.

And speaking of skin, the CTR also looks way less weird, like they took the giant robot influence out of the design. I’m here for it. Let’s robot, more power. Honda’s in-performance division is digging in on EVs. And the first one we’ll see on the streets is the Ioniq 5N.

These Are the MOST ANTICIPATED Cars of 2023-2024 | The Hottest New Cars of This Year

While Hyundai hasn’t done much other than confirm plans for this model, this hot electric Hyundai is rumored to have over 500 horsepower. That power should be backed up by other go-faster bits, including better brakes, stickier tires, and a retuned suspension. We already love the standard Ioniq 5. And we’ve had a ball driving everything Hyundai has made with an in badge on it.

So the 5N should be a home run.

And now for something completely different. Crank up the surf music. This is the Meyers Manx 2.0, an all-electric version of the iconic Volkswagen-based dune buggy that dominated the ’60s and ’70s beach parties. OK, I wasn’t born then.

But movies and such. Now this new one isn’t based on a VW like the original models were. This EV promises up to 300 miles of range and zero to 60 in 4.5 seconds. Quick, super cute, and eco-friendly?

Where do I sign up? Mind if I keep it weird for a second? Thanks. I have got to show you the Morgan Super 3. This tiny, funky roadster hails from England.

And it’s built by a company that’s only just now getting away from putting wood in the frames of its cars. I ain’t lying, y’all. Wood, like timber. So the Morgan Motor Company is a cult classic automaker that’s been making cars for over 110 years. Some of them even have four wheels.

But not this one. This new Super 3 trike is powered by a wee little gas three-cylinder engine from Ford.

And it comes with the manual gearbox out of a Mazda Miata. An all-electric model is coming eventually as well. Priced from about 55 grand and due in America early next year, the steampunk special has no roof or side windows.

None. However, you can spec it out with high end custom luggage that clips onto the sides so it’s practical and stuff. OK, so you like British cars, but you’d rather be coddled. Me too. This is Rolls-Royce’s first EV, the 2024 Spectre.

The idea of an electric roller just makes sense. I mean, think about it. Rolls ultra-luxury British limos have always been all about delivering a quiet, smooth, and effortless experience. That’s exactly what electric motors are good at. This great-looking two-door coupe is actually longer than most four-door luxury sedan.

Its two-motor BMW-sourced powertrain is expected to deliver about 300 miles of range and nearly 600 horsepower. If you have to ask about price, darling, well, you know.

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for Tesla to deliver an electric pickup. But we’re still really excited to get the chance to drive Elon’s sci-fi doorstop. So we’re keeping the Cybertruck on our list.

We really want to believe Elon. We really do. This striking body pickup with shatter-proof– SPEAKER 2: Oh my [BLEEPS] God. Well– SPEAKER 1: Well, shatter-resistant glass was first shown way back in 2019. It was supposed to be on sale at the end of 2021.

But now, we’re thinking late 2023 if we’re lucky. You know what’s really messed up? We have even less to go on in terms of performance estimates than we did back when this thing debuted. The pricing, range, and performance targets that used to be on Tesla’s reservation site, poof, they’re gone.

OK, so we’re not exactly full with optimism here.

But listen. This thing is crazy and could actually be a legit game changer. Was that 10 new rides already? Was that? It was 11.

Shoot, I don’t remember. I guess these cars really do have me excited because I still have one more left. This is the Volkswagen ID. Buzz. And its three rows of family fun.

Remember those old hippie buses, the one I swore I’d be riding in when I moved to Cali? This is like that but all electric and way safer. Less flower power, more electric power. This seven-seat EV arrives in 2024 in a host of fun colors and upholsteries. We don’t have US specs yet.

But European models travel upward of 250 miles on a charge and can juice up from five to 80% in 30 minutes on a high-speed charger. Now look, this won’t be a high speed thing like a Tesla Model X.

With only around 200 horsepower, VW is targeting a zero to 60 time of around 10 seconds. This is a family van. It ain’t Gran Turismo.

The ID. Buzz borrows a lot of its electric guts from the ID.4 SUV. That should be fine. But we’re less excited about the fact that it also borrows a lot of that model’s cabin tech and switchgear.

It’s slow, it’s annoying, and easy to activate by accident. Pricing for the ID. Buzz hasn’t been announced. But we’ve been told to expect around 55 grand before any tax incentives. Retro ride, modern price.

All right, that’s 10. Wait. Actually, that’s 12 of the most exciting new cars, trucks, and SUVs coming soon to a traffic jam near you. Two bonus models. I mean, what can I say?

I’m a giver. And don’t let anyone tell you any different..

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